Get Companies by Domain returns 404


Hi, i’m trying to search for companies by the domain name, but for every request i receive a 404 response. I’ve tried other endpoints like all companies and recently created companies and they are ok. Even the demo works, but as soon as i replace the hapikey with my own key, it stops working.



Hi @peto268

That endpoint will return a 404 response if there are no companies that have the specified domain name set. If you’re seeing this and there is a company with that domain, can you send me your Hub ID and the domain you’re seeing this with?


Hi, I’ve played with it a bit more and it looks like, that when i have a company with a VALID domain name i.e., then when i search for, i get a correct 200 response with the found company.
BUT when i have a INVALID domain name i.e. example.test, then when i search for example.test i get the 404 i’ve experienced earlier. So i need to use valid TLD’s i suppose.