Get Contact by Email is failing - Even for demo


trying to perform a lookup contact by email.It keeps coming back with the below. I would share more specifics but the actual demo link in the API doesn’t even work and returns the same thing all the time

"{“status”:“error”,“message”:“contact does not exist…”

Broken demo link

_API Method I’m using (broken link above is indicated in _



Get by Id is also not working… same response for both the ids I’m trying to use and the demo link the API documentation



Hi @tburger,

Are you still seeing issues with these endpoints? I’m getting successful responses using the demo links.


Yes, the By Email is working for the demo link now as well as for my code.

The by id one in my second post is working now for my code but not for the demo link above.

Getting some odd stuff happening when endpoints are not working on the HubSpot side. These 2 issues were just a day or so after there was another issue. New to integrating with HubSpot and hoping these are few and far between.

Thanks for your follow up