Get Contact in this way



I have a problem, a few months ago I could access the information of any contact in my database in Hubspot in this way:

The problem:
I used the variable “email” in the url and automatically displayed the information of that email in a form, then modified some field and save the form, the idea was to update the information of a contact as often as I would like of a form.
But a month ago I couldn’t do this any more.

The idea:
My idea is to retrieve data from a specific email such as: name, phone, age, what you do on your vacation, etc … this information show it in a form so that I can update the phone or age fields for example and then save that new information .

How can I do this?


Hi @WilbertKu,

This functionality was a side effect of the ‘Preview as a specific contact’ feature in the COS. By populating the email field using a query parameter, HubSpot would fill in known information in order to show the page as it would appear to a known contact. This introduced a security risk however, since it also worked on live websites (not just preview pages). Previously, including an email parameter in the URL would allow anyone to go to a website, test a bunch of email addresses, and pull data like name, phone, address, etc. This has since been fixed so that including the email parameter in the URL will populate the email field, but no other fields. Because of the security risk this poses, there are currently no plans to re-implement this functionality.


Thanks Derek for the information, I have a new idea for this, do you know if this could work?

Mi new Idea: Create my own Form (out of hubspot) and then use the Hubspot tools(Forms API) to get the information of a specific contact by email with PHP then, show the information I received on my new Form, update information and then send them to hubspot again to update them.

Do you think that this can work? How Hubspot will know that I’m updating information for an existing contact and not creating a new one? Any Advice?