Get Contact Web Activity via API



Is there currently a way to retrieve contact web activity through the API? Ideally I could request all web activity for a given date range and retrieve all contacts and all the pages they visited for that period.

My subscription is on the Enterprise plan and we have already configured the _push events to populate this inside the platform, but I need to get this data out into my data warehouse.

I’ve read through lots of documentation and help forum posts, but it appears this may not be an option (which would be extremely disappointing and surprising given competitor capabilities). Can anyone confirm that this is a limitation, or, hopefully instead, let me know what API endpoint can be used to retrieve this sort of data?

Thank you for the help

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Hi @dataops,

It’s not currently possible to pull analytics data (website activity, enterprise events, etc) from HubSpot using the API. Depending on your goal, you could create contact lists based on events and dates.


Hi Derek,

Thank you very much for the information. Contact lists will not work in this scenario unfortunately. I would strongly encourage your product team to open up this API capability. I’ll work with my internal stakeholders about the limitation this presents with the product. Cheers ~


Hi @dataops,

I’d be happy to pass your feedback along internally. If you have the inclination, I would encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see as well.


Hi Derek, I totally agree with @dataops. An API endpoint to retrieve the activities of a contact would be nice to have. The endpoint can be used by our third party module to show how user behaves. Hubspot does a great deal of analytics but, when we want to integrate into our own website through API, the resources are lacking.

Hope Hubspot team will consider this legitimate requests.


We appreciate your engagement, @Suresh_Kumar_Mukhiya!

While @Derek_Gervais and I can and have passed this feedback along internally, the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum is the best place to share feature requests. The product teams regularly monitor posts and generally prioritize ideas which have the most engagement from and greatest potential impact on users.

I searched the Ideas Forum but couldn't find any existing posts suggesting this feature. Without a concrete request from customers and multiple upvotes, the product team is much less likely to scope such a solution.

If you would like the ability to retrieve this analytics data through an API, please post and upvote a feature request.

I recommend including as much detail as possible per these best practices. The more the product teams understand a feature's use case, the more accurate they will be when implementing the feature.

If anyone creates an idea, please share it here and I'll be happy to upvote it myself.