Get contacts by lastUpdateTime



I'm using Get all contacts API to fetch all contacts from hubspot. During sync interval, I need to fetch contacts created or updated after particular time.

I've checked getRecent records in contacts. But it seems to get all records from last 30 days and couldn't pass lastUpdateTime in query for the first time. timeOffset used to fetch subsequent pages of result and couldn't be used for first time.

How can fetch created/updated contacts based on lastUpdateTime. (Ex. LastUpdateTime = morning and Fetching time = noon)



Hi @Guna_Pandian,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, you're trying to get the contacts created/updated after a date? For example, all the contacts created/updated since 03/12/18? You could pull contacts from the recently modified / recently created endpoint, paging backwards until you reach the specific time you're interested in. Otherwise, it's not currently possible to request contacts based on specific date ranges.