GET custom deal properties via API


I’m trying to generate some reports for me team by pulling our deal stage and deal source data via the API. In this case deal_stage is custom property that does display as expected using the property API, but doesn’t populate or throw an error when calling it as a property on the deal API. Here is the URL I am trying to use:


@asafullfunnel I don’t follow what your issue is here? dealstage is the name of the deafult Deal Stage property. You should be able to call any custom property on the Deal API.

What were your expectations for the error?


My apologies, it was a newer field than I realized so the field was blank on the records where it hadn’t been populated…had to page through a while.

Thank you for the quick reply nonetheless!


anytime, let me know if you run into anything else


The problem with this is that it doesn't work on getting properties on an individual deal. Hence, you have to page the results until you find the correct deal to get all the properties. Surely this is an oversight by hubspot.