Get data for objects within specified date range


Is it possible to get data within specific date range.
For eg:
Above url describes to get data of all contacts. Is there any way or parameters to be appended in url so that we can get data within specified date range.

According to one of the solution on forum using : “” ; which provides contacts below the specified timeOffset. I do not require data as below certain timeOffset. I want data returned to be either above specified timeOffset or between two timeOffsets
So is it possible so that I can get contacts created or updated between specified timeOffset ?


Hi @kajalna

There is not a way to get the records created or updated between to specific times. Any of the recently updated or created endpoints start with the most recently updated records, and page backwards from there, so you’d need to page backwards until you have the records updated after the earliest time you’re looking for, and then filter out the records updated after the latest time that you’re looking for. We have more details on paging through the recent contacts using the offsets here:


That is really a shame. Is it something that will be available at some point ?