Get Deals by Company Id



I’m trying to get all of the deals associated to a companyId. I thought I’d be able to do it with the get company endpoint: similar to the get Deals endpoint but it doesn’t have the same association structure. How can I get these fields?


Hi @FoodaDave

Currently the associations stored in the deal are only in the deal, not in the company. If you’re already pulling all deals, you can get those associations from the deal side.

We don’t currently have a way to get the deals from the companyId, but we’re building a way to do that.


Thanks for the quick response, @dadams!

Do you have a timeline on the feature to get deals by company? I have thousands of deals in my account, so pulling from the Deals API makes this query more complicated.


No specific timeline on this, but it’s something we’re working on now.


@dadams, any word on a timeline for this yet?


There’s a new endpoint that can get deals associated with contacts or companies, documented here: