GET endpoint works in postman, but SideCard Action returns error


I have an endpoint set up on my site, that fetches information from another source then updates their hubspot contact via the hubspot contact API.

I have this endpoint set as a sidecard action. The endpoint works via Postman, but the action doesn't work.

"actions": [
"httpMethod": "GET",
"uri": "",
"label": "Enrich from Clearbit",
"associatedObjectProperties": [
"confirmationMessage": "Are you sure you want to update this contact?",
"confirmButtonText": "Yes",
"cancelButtonText": "No"

the request made when confirming the action:
fetch("", {"credentials":"include","headers":{},"referrer":"","referrerPolicy":"no-referrer-when-downgrade","body":"{"applicationId":180772,"applicationName":"Hubspot - Clearbit Integration ","integrationName":"Hubspot - Clearbit Integration ","associatedObjectProperties":["email"],"httpMethod":"GET","uri":"","associatedObjectId":51,"associatedObjectType":"CONTACT","objectId":51,"objectTypeId":52668}","method":"POST","mode":"cors"});

the response:
{"status":"error","message":"internal error","correlationId":"d2938995-ab7c-4bb6-a73d-fdb91651a5a1","requestId":"4f427e7a38a91ce1b2c52055c6b1598a"}

Is there anyway I can debug this further?
Thanks in advance!


Hi @matthew,

Happy to continue the conversation in the original topic.