Get information about user from email traffic link



We would like to show personalised, time-limited, deal for customer but we don’t know how to get information about user from email.

We want to build the system where customer can see time which left no matter if he is using phone or desktop. It can not be based on cookies, because he can open mail in different times on different devices.

So we want to base on hubspot information (when she/he opens email) but we don’t know how to get this information from hubspot traffics links. We can not see any “static” informations. Can somebody help us?


@szymon.pajka Here is a quick thought on it. Create a workflow to send out the email. If they open the email you can fire off a webhook to your server containing the contact property. This will allow you to start the clock and do all the work you need to do. This will tell you when and who opened the email.