Get page views via API




Is there any way to get contact page views from timeline via API ?

Thank you in advance!


If you just want the page views for a specific contact, get that contact by id and use



@Spencer thank you for advice.

But I need more details, e.g. Page Name, and maybe date and time of that activity.
Maybe you could advise where to find that information?
Or maybe someone could state that it`s impossible for now?

Thank you!


in here, you can select contact properties and get the actual names of those properties to add as parameters to your call. You can append each of those as &property=<PROPERTY_NAME>.

Note, the naming convention changes between some of the API calls, so the parameter property might be properties, but I’m pretty sure it’s just property for all the contact APIs.


also, if you are wanting specific information about what they are viewing, I am not sure if that is possible with Hubspot, but someone who works here might know more.


dataType: “jsonp”,
success: function (data) {} });

Try this you will get all information about that particular Blog.


I am looking to get data about each page on my website and which contacts are viewing them. Is there an API endpoint for getting that? At the end of the day I want to get access to all of the website views data.


Hey all - I think I'm trying to recreate a similar use case here.

The goal is to see a Hubspot contact's timeline based on SFDC Lead or Contact ID without using the Visualforce page. In particular, I want to see individual web pages visited, as if I was looking at the Hubspot timeline.

I'm thinking this is not currently possible with the response I saw over here: