Get PandaDoc Document Details?




I am trying to figure out if there is a way to pull document details from a pandaDoc document that is associated with a deal in Hubspot CRM. I need some way to dynamically insert the PandaDoc document ID into the data fetch URI (I assume). Does anyone have recommendations on how best to do this? I have a custom field in Hubspot CRM Deals that has the pandadoc document ID. Is this possible? If so, would it be best to use CRM extensions API, or webhooks, or something else? Thanks!!



Hello, Zack.

I’ll ask our integrations team here at PandaDoc if there is a more polished answer tomorrow morning, but with the currently published HubSpot CRM Extensions API, many of the custom fields in the HubSpot Deal are seemingly inaccessible.

Until this limitation, or at least our team’s understanding of this limitation lifts, would it work in your use case to include the PandaDoc Document ID in the Contact or Company as a custom field? We’ve had better success with accessing custom fields in a HubSpot Contact or Company.

~ Ben


Thank you Ben. I’ve added a custom field for the PandaDoc document ID in Deals, but I will now try also adding them to the Contact and Company.

Using your CRM Extensions API, could you guys somehow add an interface to let folks create custom fields on that object and then specify the token name from the document that should be the value for that field? Or perhaps just add some of the most common (Price, Quote #, Cost, Margin, etc.) and then mandate the field/token names to be used in the PandaDoc document?

Another suggestion (sorry for so many) would be to allow one quote (or other document) to be designed the primary one (in case there are multiple attached one deal). You could do this by allowing document filtering by metadata (so the API call only pulls back document details with the associated Hubspot Deal ID that is also tagged “Primary” (for example).

This would be a big benefit for many other use cases as well, such as when generating things like Statements of Work (e.g. pulling the scope summary from the document into the deal record in HS CRM).

Thanks for your consideration and any other suggestions are certainly welcomed.


also is there a feasible / established way of doing this via Zapier ?


Hello, Zack. I’ve reviewed your replies, and I’m compiling some information to get back to you on.

As far as Zapier, PandaDoc does support document events, but we do not yet support generating a document through Zapier. For full information on the PandaDoc Zapier integration, see our faq at

Hubspot also has a Zapier integration, but I do not see anything on the deals object when I go to create a test Zap. See to build and test a Zap for yourself.

Therefore, no, it doesn’t look like Zapier is an option out of the box.

I’ll get back to you with any updates from team on the extensions API. Please also let me know if Contact or Company end up as a workflow suitable to your needs.

~ Ben


Thanks - I just noticed you set up a webook in a Hubspot custom ass that
has Zapier webook as the URI. You can get then get the
pandadoc_document_id and make custom webhook calls in Zapier to update a
deal in hubspot. The update hubspot deal action is available now under
Hubspot CRM zaps. It works when I test it in Zapier but not when I try it
live. I’d love to share the app / zap with you if that would be helpful
let me know.


I will let you know if I get this working. I think I can do it using a combination of Hubspot’s Webhook suscriptions (CATCH as a trigger) and then use the "find a Deal (in Hubspot CRM) and the another webook to get document details from Panda Doc, and finally and custom POST request action to hubspot the deal in HS. I’ll let you know if it works


Zach, we have added the suggestions you shared above as feature requests to our PandaDoc HubSpot integration. Thank you for bringing them up. I unfortunately don’t have any alternate routes of accomplishing this otherwise today. Good thought on webhook subscriptions. I look forward to hearing if that turns out as a viable solution for you.

~ Ben


I do have it working, but not like I’d like it to. Instead of placing the Amount value from the document in the amount field in the HS deal it always just makes it blank. I’ll thnk I’m close to getting it to work though. Lots of chained Zapier webhook calls.


I did get this to work partially. I can only pull out the total Amount, Panda_doc_Id, and Quote # from the PandaDoc document and then use the update deal POST HTTP call (Zapier webhook) to update those values in the associated deal. I am having trouble now accessing nested token values like line item cost (so I can multiple by qty for that line item to get total line item cost, and then add up the the total line item costs to get the total quote cost. Will let you know if I get that figured out.