Get recent engagements API


Even though we are passing offset and count, API is returning same result, paging actually not behaving as it should. Both of the URL are returning exactly same result.

Can you please guide what is wrong here and why API is not behaving the way it should?

GET Recent Engagements API: different Offset Values give same results

Hi @Harshdeep_Khatri,

Would you share your Hub ID? I'd like to run some tests and investigate further.


Not sure of hub id but our account id is 502973


Hey @Harshdeep_Khatri,

That's perfect; they're the same.

It looks like you're getting the same results because you've capitalized the "O" in Offset. Per this documentation, it should be offset with a lower-case "o."

If you try the request URLs:

You should receive different data.


Wow, I didn't realized that, thanks for pointing out that. I have taken glanced and it looks working, I will have deepr look and mark this case resolved. Thanks.