Get Recently Created Contacts



Is there any plans to support filtering/ordering contacts? If I want only contacts that have been recently created in Hubspot and sort by that date, it seems wasteful to loop through all of the recently modified contacts and look at the created date.


@terrance if you’re specifically looking for recently created contacts (and not recently updated records), you can use this endpoint:

That endpoint works the same way as the recently created or updated endpoint, without including modified contacts. It will be ordered by when the contacts were created, starting with the most recently created record, and you’d page backwards using the vidOffset and timeOffset.


Fantastic. Thanks @dadams


Hi. The API and documentation is good.
But ‘get recently created contacts’ is not working as expected.
I am getting complete list of contacts, inspite of giving timeOffset and vidOffset along with hapikey and count.

Can you please help me?