Get recently created / updated engagements and timeline events



Is there a way to get the lasts created (or updated) engagements and timeline events?
Or have notifications via webhooks?
I can’t seem to find it in the docs.


We don’t currently have a way to get engagements. This is something we’re working on now and it should be ready for release soon.


Thanks @dadams, glad to know you’re working on it!


Just to clarify @dadams since I am interested in a similar issue,
that means that I cannot have a list of the pageviews a contact has made through the API,

I am interested in tracking which dates a contact is visiting my web site/blog,
or how many times a specific contact has visited a specific page
is that possible ?



Hi @pkontopoulos, we don’t currently have an API to get the specific pages viewed by a contact, but we have have a few contact properties that track the aggregate views:
hs_analytics_num_page_views is the total pages viewed by the record
hs_analytics_num_visits is the total number of visits
hs_analytics_first_timestamp is the first time the contact visited your site
hs_analytics_last_visit_timestamp is the last time they visited your site.

There’s a full list of the default analytics properties here: