Get Recently Modified Contacts By Internal Property Not External Events


Is there a way to determine from the output of GET /contacts/v1/lists/recently_updated/contacts/recent if the Contact in the resultset’s Last Modified Property was based on an internal property changed versus external events like emails sent to the contact or score or workflow?

The issue is that my integration is having to constantly update all the contacts unnecessarily. My system has 30K contacts and on a given day 17K have their Last Modified property updated. If I knew it wasn’t a internal property updated, I can skip the GET call to gather all the properties of the Contact returned via the Recently Updated call.


Hi @CSIJad,

The recently modified contacts endpoint will send along all contacts that are modified. If you’re only interested in particular contact property updates, you might consider using the webhooks API instead. You can subscribe to changes to contact properties, and have your system be notified when ever a change occurs to the property/properties you’re interested in.