Get recently updated contacts where a custom property is set


Hi guys,

Was wondering if someone could give me some advice.

We have got an API script running that pulls through leads from hubspot onto a different system. The only leads we need to pull through are leads that have a custom property set to "yes".

Right now we do a Get recently modified contacts call and then check in PHP if any of these leads have the property set to "yes". However because of the volumn of changes between calls we seem to be missing certain leads because of the limit. To prevent this from happening we would like to only call the leads with the property set.

I noticed in the documentation that their is an option for "&property=X - Used in the request URL" the explination for this seems to be a bit vague, would it be possible to use this?



HI @squish,

It's not currently possible to filter contacts by including a query parameter; the property parameter just forces the inclusion of that property in the response. If you have access to the lists tool, you could create a smart list of all contacts with the custom property set to 'Yes', and then pull only the contacts that are members of that list: