Get Sales Qualified Leads



I’d like to get # of contacts from API for a field “Became a Sales Qualified Lead Date” in HubSpot.

What I’m doing now: I page through all pages for recently updated contacts ( From response I parse “hs_lifecyclestage_salesqualifiedlead_date” property, but I cannot get the same number of contacts as it is in HubSpot interface (“This month” for example).

This is the request: GET

Is that the right way to do it? Should I use instead?



@zoran I would use the get all contacts endpoint and include the “hs_lifecyclestage_salesqualifiedlead_date” property in the call. The get recent contacts endpoint won’t return all of them.


Ahh, this could be it. Thank you @pmanca.

One more question. Is there a way to filter out contacts without “hs_lifecyclestage_salesqualifiedlead_date” property? I just tried following request (same as above, but endpoint for all contacts): GET

Rigtno now API returns all contacts, even if property from request is not set. That way, not all returned contacts have “hs_lifecyclestage_salesqualifiedlead_date” property. Is this a bug or is it supposed to be like that? If I would get only contacts with existing sales qualified date property, it would require me to make much less API requests.

One of “unnecessary” contact object (without sales qualified date property):

“addedAt”: 1494506242751,
“vid”: XYZ,

“properties”: {},



@zoran There isn’t a way to filter out the contacts on the server-side at the moment. You will need to do that on your end upon receiving the contacts.