Get table rows values


I am getting response like this

[0] => stdClass Object
[id] => 6868754066
[createdAt] => 1545826037474
[path] =>
[name] =>
[values] => stdClass Object
[1] => Rajiv
[2] =>
[3] => 9878675674
[4] => 484963200000

                [childTableId] => 0
                [isSoftEditable] => 

now i want to know is there any way so that i can get values by its name and not id as index and if not then how could I access them.


Hi, @amit_singh.

It's not possible to pull values by column name via the Get table rows endpoint.

This endpoint returns a table's column name, label, and id values, so you must find the desired name via this endpoint and then use the corresponding id to pull the row's value from the Get table rows endpoint.


Thank you @Isaac_Takushi. At last I did the same thing and pulled the values from endpoint according to their ids.