Get the export of all companies with HubSpotId



Dear members,
I’m a developer who works on integration with HubSpot.

We are working on scheduled integration that transfers the new companies from our system few times per day.

In order to handle this we are using CreateCompany and UpdateCompany methods in HubSpot Companies API.

Everything is implemented and we can start a big push to hubspot database, except one “small” detail that currently seems unsolvable , and this is why we are asking this here:

The problem is that our company already has a database of companies, they imported the data in the past using import functionality of the portal, and did some deals and other records associated to the companies.

The developer task here is we to make data merge, on initial import in order to update only this existing records.

It seems that there is no way to export data from hubspot which contains all the fields + hubspotid.
We tried to export using portal, but this doesn’t work, because the export that we have doesn’t contain this hubspotid.

Do you have any idea how we can receive this data in order to be able to process the request. It seems that if somebody from hubspot development or db team can do this manually for us this will work, but
we contacted support and it seems that they don’t want to escalate this to these teams.

PS:. In companies api there is no method which we can use to get this data also.

Does anybody here had some similar problem? Is this forum is accessed by some of the developers of the HubSpot or Hubspot API - who can help us on this case?



Hi @Rosen_Balchev

The companyId is only available through the API, so you’d need to get all of your companies already in HubSpot using the API to get the ids for the existing companies.


I am new to Hubspot and we don’t have a developer on staff. I am looking for a way to get an export of my companies including the Hubspot Company ID. I want to Join this data in ArcGIS with my spatial data. How can I get the Hubspot Company ID without programming? Thanks!