Get tracked email events


How can I get tracked email events like open, forward etc.using API? I am only able to get incoming email event and sent email details using engagement APIs.

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@Suresh_Rao Are you trying to get events for marketing or sales emails? For marketing emails you can use the email events API.


I am trying to get events for sales emails. Is there any API?


@Suresh_Rao Yes!


I was trying to use following API
GET /email/public/v1/events

However, it is restricted to Marketing only. I am able to view the details in the timeline for any contact for all emails sent to that contact (Opens, Clicks etc.). I dont know why the API is not allowed for CRM or Sales.



@Suresh_Rao The marketing emails and the sales emails work slightly differently since HubSpot is the one sending the marketing email where as for the sales email it is our customer’s email server that is sending it and not HubSpot .


@pmanca Sales emails are being tracked by HubSpot and I am able to view the email events like open, click etc. in the timeline for the contact. What API can I use to get this data. Engagements API does not include this information. Thanks for the clarification.


@Suresh_Rao You cannot receive that type of information through the API for Sales emails at the moment.