Get Translated page


How I can get the translation version of page directly?
We have one custom global module and we need set de url of one page equivalent.
href="{{ }}">Espanish
href="{{ content.slug.en }}">English

Is this possible?



@Jorgibiris You could use HubDB for something like this. Where you can store the translated values there. Depending on what you are trying to do you could also look for a tool like Google Translate which will try and translate everything for you in real time.


Thanks @pmanca. Only I just want to create a link to the same page but in other language.
Is there no direct access to this value? similar to It would be ideal :slight_smile:


@Jorgibiris You will have to build it yourself via HubDB. You can pull the root domain of the current site they are on to dynamically translate any links.


Thanks, I will do so.