Getting a Contact Property Group's properties isn't documented


Hi - We've just found an API call we used got deprecated and has gone away.

The link to the replacement looks to be incorrect and incomplete. We looked at the page for the old one which is

This links to the V2 call page of (which still has v1 in the URL of the actual endpoint) but that is the call to get ALL groups, and doesn't include the properties within the groups.

Looking at the "Update a group" page we deduced the URL to GET a named group, but that didn't return the properties. Further looking at Get all contact properties by groupName it shows we can include the includeProperties=true parameter as well.

Could you please update the documentation to show this?

Also - is there an email list or similar where we can sign up to get changes to the API, or upcoming deprecations?


I'd like to add that this is not the first time that an API has changed without us getting notified, thereby breaking our integration. This really is no way to run a public API. Please consider publishing an email notifying (paying) customers of upcoming changes, just like any self-respecting business would. (This is also not the first time we make this request.)


Hi @Nigel_Morse and @Tilman,

The 'Get Contact Property Groups from a Portal' endpoint has been deprecated since December 2014. Upcoming/new API changes will be announced on the forums; subscribing to the 'Announcements' topic is one of the best ways to keep updated with API changes. For HubSpot product updates, you can also check out the product updates blog (see below).

Regarding the other topic you linked to; that example is still valid, despite the fact that it's not documented. Consider that officially supported; I'll work on getting the Contact Properties API docs updated today.


Hi Derek,

Thanks for your reply and thanks for letting us know about the Announcements topic!




Yes - thanks for that. Good to know there's a place for these announcements now, we'd asked in the past but were told there wasn't a way to get notified of changes.