Getting a user's pinned note


Hi, is there a way of getting the user's pinned note? I am using the Get Associated Engagements endpoint for getting all engagements ( notes, calls, emails ), but can't seem to find a meta information in the response which marks a note as pinned.


@lstone Not at the moment no, That endpoint precedes the UI feature for pinning a note.


Thank you for your reply!


Are you planning to implement this or does another way to do this exist by now?
I would like to fetch all pinned notes of a company.


Welcome, @dawitt!

At this time, it's still not possible to identify a pinned note from a contact, company, deal, or ticket's other NOTE engagements.

I see value in some NOTE engagement property which indicates whether a note is pinned, though.

If you would like to see such a feature implemented, I recommend posting your request on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum. This information is sent directly to our Product team and helps prioritize feature requests that have the greatest impact on our customers.

If you post an idea and share it here, I will upvote it.



Thanks for your response. I just created a request in the idea forum:


Thanks so much for sharing, @dawitt! I've just upvoted the post.