Getting around the daily API call limit



Hi there, I was just wondering if there is any way to increase, or get around the 10,000 API call limit per day. I realise that some endpoints have the ability to “bulk” update or create up to 100 contacts (which i’m not even sure is the maximum bulk amount, can someone please confirm), however we will be utilising other endpoints in a bulk capacity, and some of them don’t necessarily have a “bulk” update/create feature, hence we run into the daily API call limit. Thanks.


@Marko_Rapaic feel free to DM me with your use case and we can chat about the best way to use our APIs efficiently and the potential need for an exception. Are you currently running into 429s, or are you preemptively trying to avoid hitting them? If you’re already hitting 429s please send me your portal ID too.



Hi Seb,

We’re just trying to preemptively avoid hitting them. I guess I’m just wondering if either the 10,000 api call limit can be removed for a certain portal - or if the bulk update/creation of contacts endpoint is hard-limited at 100 per request, or if that in itself can be expanded so that the call limit won’t be met?


Hey Seb, not sure if you saw my reply to your post - could you shed some more light on it?


Hey @Marko_Rapaic

The contacts batch endpoint can take up to 500 contacts, but the more contacts the longer the processing time, and if any of the contacts have invalid data the entire batch will fail. I believe we made the recommended contact limit 100 to make it easier to track down the errors.



Thanks Seb - so there’s no way that hubspot can lift the 10,000 api call limit for a certain portal / api key?


Hey @Marko_Rapaic

I’m going to direct message you.


Hey Seb, thanks for direct messaging me. To answer your previous question,
i’m not 100% sure what our requirements will be - I’m just wondering if it
would be at all possible to lift the daily 10,000 api call limit if it was
necessary. I believe the portal in question is 510411.