Getting Company IDs


The documentation says that there are a number of ways to get a company Id but the best is to use the associatedcompanyid from a contact. Well, I’m trying to combine a contact with a company so I don’t have that option. It says there are a number of ways, but it doesn’t say what they are? Oh, I don’t have the domain names either.

I wound up iterating through all of my companies and parsing out the companyid from the REST call. But, this is a jack hammer approach. Any ideas of an alternative? If there were just one other way to query a company, I could get them as needed.


Hi @Scott_Pierce

At the moment, the specific company ID and the domain would be the only way we’d have to get a specific company (or set of companies for the domain), so if you don’t have either of those you would need to go through all of the companies to get all of the company IDs.

Is there a specific criteria that you would be looking for when trying to find the companies?