Getting Contact has visited a URL that matches regular expression to work (regex)


I can’t seem to make even the most simple regular expression work in a workflow using “Contact has visited a URL that matches regular expression”.

What I want to do ultimately is to do workflow enrollment if a visitor hits a webpage containing one or more keywords (eg. cisco, vmware or salesforce). And the RegEx I thought should work is “cisco|vmware|salesforce” without the quotes. I can’t even get one keyword to work, like “cisco” (without the quotes).

I must be missing something. Any suggestions appreciated!

Some sample URLs we have:


Hi @grf1979,

The regular expression for the filter must match the full URL, not just a part of it. You should be able to sandwich the terms with .* (like this: (.*cisco.*|.*vmware.*|.*salesforce.*) ) in order to match the full URLs a contact visited.


Bingo! Thanks. I wasn’t even close.



What would the regular expression be if I just wanted it to be on a specific subdomain?

Right now, I'm trying to find a list of people who have viewed any of our blog posts related to chemistry. While I'm able to find anyone who views a page with chemistry in the URL, it's also picking up people who view my guide page that also has the word chemistry in it.

I tried adding the subdomain before the first period in each keyword, but that gave me no results (which either means I did it wrong or we just have no one looking at our chemistry posts).

Thanks for any help!

UPDATE: I figured it out. I was putting too much criteria in the area before the period.