Getting contact id from decoded URL


when a form submission happens, we get the form emailed to us, within the form submission with the following link/URL that navigates to the contact*W3Vnkqp4Wr_HBW871KMp8P02Q51

get this cryptic url, I can understand that its for security reasons, but this url correctly navigates to the URL, is there a way I can decode the last part of the url and get the contact id/VID ?


Hi @Dileepa_Wijayanayake,

For security reasons, it’s not possible to decrypt the auto-generated contact link. The email body should contain the form fields, however, so you could theoretically grab the contact’s email address and make requests using that.


Thanks for the reply Derek, what API call can I make using the email address?


ok, found it address here/profile?hapikey=xxxx