Getting Contact Lifecycle summary data via the API



Hi, we are currently evaluating HubSpot. One requirement we have is to integrate it with our external dashboard solution (Klipfolio).

I need to create a widget in Klipfolio that displays our contact lifecycle funnel. To that end, I need a way to extract summary information on the status of our contacts from HubSpot. E.g. a simple query counting the number of contacts at each stage.

How can I request this data via the HubSpot API?


Hi @Jon_Rimmer

You could do this using smart lists and the Contact Lists API. You would first need to create smart lists for each lifecycle stage that you want to measure.

After you create the lists, you can use the API to pull the data for those lists. You can get the data for multiple lists in a single request:

For each list returned in the response, you’ll get a metaData.size value with the number of contacts in that list. If you’re using smart lists, the contacts would automatically join the list for that lifecycle stage, so when you check the size of the list you’d get the number of contacts with that lifecycle stage.