Getting Deals based on a query



I would like to retrieve all the deals from my CRM instance that contain a certain product SKU. I understand that I can:

  • Retrieve ALL the deals in my CRM instance and paginate through them
  • Filter deals by their associated contacts
  • Filter deals by their created/modified date

If I would like to get all deals that contain a SKU from all time, then it sounds like my only choice is to retrieve all of them and paginate through them.

My company has over 9 million deals. Doing this 250 at a time is going to take about 40,000 requests.

Is there any other sort of solution?


@RobertAKARobin At the moment there isn’t an endpoint that allows for server-side filtering of the deals.


I think I’m just going to do a huge data dump, and then periodically check for updates using the recently-modified query.