Getting deleted deals through the API



In API documentation it says that the isDeleted property of deals will effectively always be false

 `{"isDeleted": false, // Boolean; Whether or not the record is deleted. In practice this will always be false as deleted records will not appear in the API.}`

Our reporting system relies on knowing the current state of deals and we would like to get the updates only by getting recent changes and creation of new deals to improve performance. Is there a way to, through the API, to figure out which deals have been deleted to keep our internal reporting database in sync?



Hi @JaakkoL,

If a deal has been deleted from your portal, it won’t show up in the response from the API at all. Any deal that’s returned from the deals API has not been deleted. If you’re looking to get notified when deals are deleted, I would recommend checking out the webhooks API and subscribing to deal deletions.