Getting Email Data from Sequences


Hi Team,

I haven't been able to find a way to download this but I need to get raw data a run a bunch of analyses to dig for insights across templates/follow-up numbers/follow-up duration/individual bounces/general timing etc.

Is there a way to get this in a properly raw format, email by email (or grouped across the same properties like a standard sql pull); or at least something similar to allow me to all the cuts I need?




Hi @Roman_Petr, there's no way to do this with the APIs. We do not have a Sales Template/Sequences API endpoint. You can report on Sequences within HubSpot in-app, but cannot pull this information programmatically.


Hi Connor,

The reporting on that front is so limited it’s barely useful for our purposes. We will need to move away to another tool without sufficient reporting capability, this is really very unexpected. Would you know of any other way to get this, even if not via APIs?

Many thanks -



Hey @Roman_Petr, unfortunately not :disappointed_relieved:

There's no way to export in app any information from Templates, which is definitely a poor user experience. I reached out internally about any plans for export capabilities and the consensus was that there's not a timeline for that feature but know it's certainly a pain point for customers such as yourself at the moment.