Getting increased 500s


We have been getting more 500s since 11:30 AM today, it seems like it’s intermittent. Customer Support mentioned I should come over here, are there any HubSpot devs who can check the 500s that we’re getting? It looks like it’s localized to certain templates. Here’s an example of the error we are getting:

"status": "error",
"message": "internal error",
"correlationId": "4927f6eb-611a-46f4-9ea2-0ff22515372e",
"requestId": "30b0be049e91cca559096bb98fade24b"

It appears to be template-specific.


Suddenly saw the errors start going away at 6 PM, was there a HubSpot fix?


Hi @mstrum,

I’m not aware of any issues that might have cause an increased error rate for certain templates, but it’s possible we were experiencing a transient issue. In general, you can check for updates on issues affecting the HubSpot tools.


Customer Support mentioned a fix went out last night, glad it was fixed, but took way too long :frowning: