Getting Info from a custom Shopify Form into Hubspot


Hi Folks,

I manage a shopify store that presents the user with a custom form for them to enter extra info before proceeding to store checkout. It’s this extra info that my client wants added to Hubspot contact info. Hubspot support has suggested I use:

This allows you to take a form submission from an external source and add it to a Hubspot form. I understand how this could be used by an independent website via PHP, .NET etc. I’ve even seen a great video example of using PHP within WordPress to get info from a Gravity Form into Hubspot.

I fear that doing this from Shopify is not going to be a trivial matter. I can see setting up a web server on OSX or something for starters and integrating a PHP client for Shopify. I’m wondering if there’s a PHP client out there that would allow me to capture a specific page URL ( eg. my custom form ) rather than just the standard Get Orders or Get Customers type of request. Perhaps I could could create a private Shopify app using rails or Python to do this??

If there’s anybody out there who has skipped down this particular yellow brick road successfully, I would love to learn about your experiences. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


Hi Folks,

I’ve been able to dig into this a bit more and looks like I’ll be okay.

In Shopify, all sales orders placed by the customer are stored JSON format and this data is available to developers via the Shopify API. I have also verified that the info from the custom form that the user submits is ALSO included in the Sales order JSON.

I can then create a Private App within my shopify store. This private app provides a key to allow the developer to extract JSON data from the Shopify store to an external server. This data can then be requested via PHP, .NET, Python, etc. It can then be formatted and uploaded to a Hubspot Form.

I should get a chance to code this in the next week or so. Will advise if I run in to any heartburn. Thanks!!