Getting last emailed date and last email opened date for a contact



I am attempting to get the last time an email was sent, and the last time an email was opened, through the API. However, after sending and opening an email to myself through the email dashboard, the hs_email_last_send_date, and hs_email_last_open_date remain absent. Is there another way this is to be done?


@Solution was the email a marketing email sent from the Content > Email dashboard? Or sent from inside the contact record itself? Those contact properties only track marketing emails, so if you sent this from inside the contact record it would not update those properties.

If you did send a marketing email, can you send me an example contact that you saw this with?


I went through Content > Email dashboard. I sent via “send test email”.

Is there a way I can get the last date any email was sent via HubSpot, not just from marketing?


The email properties only update for marketing emails, and won’t update for test sends. We don’t currently have properties that would show that for emails sent from the contact record, though you can get some of the data for those emails by pulling the engagements for the contact.