Getting leads into Hubspot


We have an external agency that sends us leads.
Currently they send them via email. We need them to send all leads directly into our Hubspot.

They use forms to collect the data and then they send it to us, we need them to send it automatically to our Hubspot.

I have our Hubspot API key, but how do I proceed from here? Is the API key needed in this case and what do I do with it? Is there another way to get the leads from an external source?


@almobile Yes you will need your API key to authenticate into your portal. Your external agency can make a post call from the form directly into your portal. Here is the documentation on how to accomplish that.


Giving them my API key will enable them just to send me leads?
Or will this also enable them and grant them access to take information from my Hubspot?


@almobile both. This will give them access to make any kind of API call into your portal to push/pull/update information.