Getting Line Item Product type and term data


I understand that to get details about a line item in a deal I need to include &properties=parameter. I have successfully "guessed" the parameter for the discount property and I see the quantity, price and name listed in the docs, but is there a list of other properties that you can get anywhere? I specifically need the property parameter names for the Price type (ie fixed or recurring), Price frequency eg. monthly, and the respective Terms ie. Start date, term length and frequency eg months.

Thanks in advance.

PS. Don't worry, I managed to guess them! All sorted thanks.



Hi Sam

I managed to get most of them myself. But I can't figure out what term is?



Also I can't get multiple properties in one call working. Did you have any success with that?


Hi Rune,

re multiple properties, you just add each property you're after with an additional &properties=[propertyname] eg ?properties=quantity&properties=price&properties=name.

Let me know if I' haven't explained it very well.

The properties I have so far are:

discount (but this only works for discount in $ value not % discount so if anyone knows how to get % discount I'd be grateful!)

by the way, these took me ages to 'guess'!! It would have been a whole lot easier if these were documented somewhere (or if they are, somewhere easy to find!).

Hope that helps.


This helped so much. I couldn't find an answer anywhere. Appreciate you posting this!

Also, I agree this should be included in the documentation. Is there anyway to request this to be added to HubSpot?



Hi all,

You can retrieve all object property information through this endpoint. Properties like discount and hs_recurring_billing_end_date are returned for the line_items object. I believe this was available at the time of the original post, but apologies if it wasn't.

@kobrien, I'll make a note to have more fields added to the documentation!


Hey @kobrien and @Isaac_Takushi,

sorry, I’ve been away from the forums for quite a while. Thanks for your suggestion Isaac, I found that via another issue I was having here - it helps A LOT! And I’m glad my post helped you Kieran :slight_smile: