Getting negative timestamp in API Response



We're getting negative timestamp in the metadata object from engagements API endpoint (

What do these negative numbers mean?

     "metadata": {
        "startTime": -61566219300000,
        "endTime": -61566213900000,
        "title": "Demo",
        "preMeetingProspectReminders": []


Hi @FivetranDevelopers,

As Derek notes in this topic, negative epoch timestamps denote dates before 1970. In milliseconds, -61566219300000 corresponds with January 16, 0019 at 7:28 PM, but in seconds, it matches January 19, 1968 at 5:16 AM, which makes much more sense. Make sure that all UNIX timestamps are formatted in milliseconds, per this documentation.

That said, which portal are you querying? I see there are several accounts associated with