Getting Permissions Error when trying to get contacts through API



Hey I've been getting an OAuth Permissions error all day
"This oauth-token does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [contacts-lists-read])"

Though I've set the scopes with 'contacts' on the App UI and through my request. I haven't changed my anyway I've done requests in forever but now getting this error today.


I am getting this as well. It was working earlier this morning and we haven't changed permission.


This has been resolved for me. I guess there was a bug in their API that needed fixed


Hi @Joe_Kaiser and @vnguyener,

Sounds like you've already seen this is resolved; this was an issue with certain contact lists permissions that affected existing OAuth tokens (but was resolved by the time they were refreshed). This is resolved, but if you run into any issues like this going forward please don't hesitate to post in this thread.


Looks like this is happening again? Anyone else seeing issues?


I have the same issue with lists endpoints. Did you guys find any solutions?


Hi @vnguyener and @kinoman104,

If you haven't already (I'm still working through unread forum posts) can you create a separate topic with and error info and your Hub IDs? It's unlikely any new issue is related to this older issue.