Getting Started with CRM Extensions / IFrame


I'm trying to learn how to work with the CRM Extensions API - I have no experience in working with APIs and I am really in over my head.

I just want to do a test for now and add a simple iframe object/link to a card to be shown on Contacts pages. I've tried to follow the instructions in the CRM Extensions API Overview but they're not really instructions, more of descriptions. I've set up an Application in my developer tools, but I don't know what goes in what...

Could someone here work with me to get me started on it? I think if someone can show me what goes where, it'll click for me and I can continue working at it.


Hi @Adam_Stone, CRM extensions can definitely be daunting when first starting so I definitely get it. The fundamentals of CRM Extensions are that you must have a URL that you're fetching data from externally, and this gets surfaced in HubSpot. It has to live somewhere on the web (can't be localhost server). Here's a very very simple example URL you can use in your own Developer Portal in your App:

Now, for what you place in your app for settings, you'll need to set up base URIs that your app uses. Here's what my CRM Extensions settings looks like:

You'll also need to define the properties that are returned from the JSON from the heroku link I sent above. Mine looks like this:

And here's an example on a contact:


Hi @Connor_Barley --

MANY THANKS (!!!!) for writing out those instructions. They help a lot. I've followed the first two screenshots in setting up the app, the base URIs, and the properties. Next, how do I actually make the information (contained in your example URL) show up in a Contacts page?



Hi @Adam_Stone, what is your app ID? If you haven't already, you'll need to install the app into your live production HubSpot account or test account by going through the OAuth flow:


Hi @Connor_Barley - the app ID is 184064. I'm going to need to bring in one of our developers to get those OAuth scripts set up on our side so we can then install it. Thanks!