Getting submissionGuid data


I’d like to get data from the submissionGuid parameter that gets past to the redirect URL. While I can get the ID from the query parameter, what is the method to actually get the data out of this id? I’d imagine it can return a JSON object, but is there a way to get it through the API? Is it stored as a JS variable in the browser?


Hi @christopher.akins,

There isn’t currently a public API for pulling contact information based on a submissionGuid. Could you give me some info as to what exactly you’re trying to get? If you’re just looking to get the contact info, you could use the contacts API:


Cool. Yeah, I was mostly just wanting to get the form data that is submitted, and I thought that was the reason submissionGuid was being passed to the redirectUrl. Is there another method to get the POST data from the form on the subsequent redirect URL? For instance, if I include a hidden field that populates my page/post ID, I’d use that ID to grab post data on the thank you page to populate dynamic content on that page. So, it’s not really the Contact info I need, I just want the data from the form but I still want to use the embed code. Thanks for the help!


Hi @christopher.akins,

There isn’t really a way to get the form submission info directly; you might instead consider passing certain fields (hidden or otherwise) to the thank you page as query parameters. This is a common way to populate dynamic content on thank you pages.