Google Analytics API contacts = Offline Source // Is it changable?



Dear Hubspot Developer Team,

we are trying to use Hubspot as our main analytics tool, but there is one main error. Our pages are connected via Google Analytics and the API sends Hubspot most of the needed information, except right source.

Is it possible to get the right sources from Google Analytics to Hubspot?

Here is a example contact:
In this contact you can see, that Hubspot classified it as, created by an offline source, but we know it was created online. Can you help us?

Best regards


Hi @mellow_guy,

Historically, Original Source values could not be changed, but we recently made the property editable!

You can now set or update a contact's Original Source property value via the Contacts API, on the contact record in the UI, in bulk on the contacts dashboard, through a workflow, etc.

This screencast shows how you would manually edit this contact's Original Source.