Google Analytics Connector


Hi all,

We work for a digital marketing agency and a lot of our clients and ourselves use HubSpot.

Does anyone have the answer to the "holy grail" that is end to end tracking with the end outcome being a sale within Google Analytics?

At the moment we can track:

User clicks paid ad
Goes to website
Fills out form
Lead generated in CRM (name, number, email, channel) - can we track keyword or ad?
Lead generated in Google Analytics and therefore in the marketing platform e.g. Adwords

That's it ..... up to a marketing qualified lead, this is all we can optimise for, whether it's good or bad.

Once the lead turns into a sale we can see this in the CRM but not Google Analytics or any marketing platform (whichever the lead was generated from)

What we need is a CRM - Google Analytics API (connector) that can push a sale from the CRM into Analytics.

I have been doing some digging and it looks like Measurement Protocol could be a way forward? Capturing the unique user CID

I believe this is a headache for everyone, has it been solved yet? If so how?




Hey Colin,

I think the easy answer for this is to get the Google Ads upgrade for HubSpot.

Have you looked into that product? I think it'd meet your needs and save you the hassle of jumping in and out of GA.



Hi Nick,

Thanks for this idea but it wouldn't work.

We need outcomes within the marketing platforms themselves so that the platform AI can optimise towards conversions.

The only way to do this getting the outcome within Analytics so that we can then set it up as a conversion within the marketing platforms.




Hi @Colin.W,

As @NickMontagu notes, HubSpot can certainly track visitors eventually converting to customers, but involving Google Analytics does complicate matters.

A few other users have worked on this challenge and claim to be able to capture the GA clientId most of the time. Have you reviewed this topic and this topic?


Hi Isaac,

Thanks for this, that explains how to get the client ID from a form, this then will need to go into Hubspot itself.

The next bit is the hard bit, once a sale has been completed how to then push that client id into Google Analytics?

Thanks again,



Hi @Colin.W,

You could get this data out of HubSpot by using either the Contacts API, the Contact Lists API (e.g. pulling an active list of all customers with a clientId value), or a workflow webhook (POSTing the data of enrolled contacts to one of your own endpoints).

You could then parse and format the data as needed before sending it into Google Analytics with their Measurement Protocol. The Google Analytics Solutions Community will be your best resource regarding more specific implementation questions regarding Measurement Protocol.


Thanks for this Isaac,

We decided to a test internally on a test site, using our own forms and database. Once end to end has been achieved and works we are then going to test on Hubspot and our own website.

Thanks for the help.