Googletagmanager is displayed when search results


When I enter 2 letters (for example 'ny') in the search, then in the search results in the description I see the output of googletagmanager -

If I enter, let's say 'NYC', then the description will appear correctly for the post in which there was a googletagmanager if you enter 'ny' - Correct search

As I understand the search is looking for a complete match of "NY" in the article and does not find it therefore returns googletagmanager. But 'NYC' is looking for it correctly, so this word is completely in the article.

Please tell me what you can do to prevent 'googletagmanager' from displaying.

Thank you!


Hi @nnovosad, can you send me the webpage that you're making your search on and your HubID so I can investigate this a bit closer?


I added to the GET URL: '&analytics = true&length = SHORT'