GoToWebinar Integration for custom php forms



we’re using custom forms for lead generation on our website. Data is passed to generic Hubspot forms via php/curl which works great for now. We integrated GoToWebinars with Hubspot and right now I’m looking into creating a form which automatically will automatically subscribe people to a specific webinar. I came across a Hubspot blogpost which described two solutions for both COS landing pages and embedded forms. However this solution doesn’t work for our custom php forms at the moment. I’ve tried adding the GoToWebinar ID accordingly to the $str_post variable which only resulted as this being added as an updated attribute.



I found the answer over here
Basically you have to add the Webinar ID to the $hs_context object:

$hs_context = array(
    'hutk' => $hubspotutk,
    'ipAddress' => $ip_addr,
    'pageUrl' => get_site_url(),
    'pageName' => get_the_title(),
    'goToWebinarWebinarKey' => '123456789'