Greek Menu not becoming active


Hello all,

I’m having a problem with the menu of hubspot. When i add a Greek menu item and i click on it it’s not becoming active like the english menu item.

Also I’ve linked my first menu item to the homepage of the blog and it’s always active even if i click another menu-item.

You can take a look here:


Hi @George_Bratsos,

Are you referring to the menu beneath the banner image (with options ΟΛΕΣ ΟΙ ΚΑΤΗΓΟΡΙΕΣ, ΚΑΤΗΓΟΡΙΑ 1, ΚΑΤΗΓΟΡΙΑ 2, and ΚΑΤΗΓΟΡΙΑ 3)? That one appears to be correctly updating with the active (i.e. clicked on) options. Are you referring to another menu?


Hello @Derek_Gervais,

Yes, i finally managed to make it work. I hardcoded the whole link on hubspot menu options

rather that putting the relativelink

This way the problem is solved. Relative link was not working.