HAPI key not working


I am getting the following status when we are using our HAPI key on the URL (https://api.hubapi.com/contacts/v1/lists/all/contacts/all?hapikey={our hapi key}&count=2). This is straight from your documentation (https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/contacts/get_contacts).

{"status":"error","message":"This hapikey ({our hapi key}) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [contacts-read])","correlationId":"2bca7ffb-efec-42aa-97a0-52d57693906f","requestId":"a46c44291c8f27c961dda1cd95f7dcdb"}

I am not sure where to set any permissions for the HAPI key as I have two applications and both have all checkboxes checked.

Please help! My dev is stuck.


This previous thread might help... This hapikey xxxx does not have proper permissions