Hapikey has been invalidated error



I setup a test account several months ago to validate the ability to create forms and submit from our product into HubSpot. All this time I have had access to the HAPI Key and have been able to generate forms and submit test lead data.

Just recently it appears that my HAPI Key has been disabled. Attempting to call the GET /forms to view the test forms I've created I receive the following error: "This hapikey (xxx) has been invaldiated".

When I navigate to the Integrations -> API Key section of my portal, I receive "Your portal doesn't have access to API Keys."

How can I re-enable API Keys?

Thanks for your time.


Hi @joeyformstesting, that's strange - perhaps your test portal needed to be renewed? Can you respond with the HubID of your test account?


Hi Connor,
Thanks for the response. The portal ID is 4919188.



Hey @joeyformstesting, it looks like your test account was past its expiration date:

I ended up clicking "Renew" by hovering over that test account, which allowed me to go here and generate a new key. Are you able to see your API key now?


I am able to see the new key.

Just curious, where do I access the view that shows the expiration? I clicked all through the test account and still do not see that view.



Whoops, sorry I meant to link that. It's found in the Developer Account in which you created the Test Account: https://app.hubspot.com/developer/4914388/test-hub-ids


Great. Thank you for the help!