Has anyone tried to build a custom email preference page?


We’re working on migrating all of our bulk email send into Hubspot from Mailchimp.

It seems like the way Hubspot’s email preferences functionality is quite different from how we currently deal with subscriptions for my company in Mailchimp. We have one big list that contains a number of sub-lists that are associated with a special project at the company. In Mailchimp (our current tool) we work around this using their groups functionality by creating interest groups within the main list. Upon import, we are able to assign the addresses into any of the groups. The public groups then can be displayed on the email preferences form.

This is not something we can duplicate with existing Hubspot functionality. Is there a way to expose the contact list choices directly on the email preferences page?

How about a Landing Page? If not, I am now thinking, if we built our own email preferences form using the Hubspot API, we could potentially sign people up to these sub-lists. Hubspot Email types won’t work well enough for us, we have over 1 million email addresses to migrate into Hubspot, and Hubspot won’t assign email types on import, only when users manually choose the email types themselves.

However, looking at the Hubspot API doc (http://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/email/update_status), it seems like I can unsubscribe email addresses (global unsubscribe), but I cannot resubscribe them via the API. Is there a way to trigger Hubspot resubscribe email to be sent to the end user?

Has anyone built an alternate email preferences form using the Hubspot API?
Thanks! Alex


I just tried integrating the subscription/unsubscribe functions of hubspot for email categories into our own application, just to recognize that subscribing of a category is not possible, only unsubscribing. So I ran into the same problem as @Alex_Chang.

I would have expected the API to work pretty much as the preferences page dies that is reachable for a user via the “manage subscriptions” link provided in every email.

Why is this different via the API? Why can I only unsubscribe a user, not subscribe?

How to generate the unsubscribe link for a user?

@Alex_Chang @marian Have we figured out a way to create a custom Subscription Preference Page or redirect to landing page/form?

Similar issue trying to edit Subscription Preference Page. We manage multiple brands with different price tiers, offers, product lines, etc. We want to limit which email types are available to opt-in/opt-out depending on contact properties.


“Is there a way to trigger Hubspot resubscribe email to be sent to the end user?” Looking for an answer to this as well. We are looking to have forms integrated to a website. It would be nice to have a link that will send the user the email preferences options.