Having issue while Initiate an Integration with Oauth 2.0



Hi there, i am absolute beginner for hubspot and Oauth, i have gone through the initiation process which was mentioned in the documentation. i made the following request " https://app.hubspot.com/oauth/authorize?client_id=XXXXXXXXXXX&scope=contacts%20timeline%20files%20content%20reports%20social%20automation%20forms%20hubdb%20transactional-email&redirect_uri=https://example.com"
for above request it processed to hubspot account and it asked me to choose the right account to integrate i choosen the developer's account that time i am getting this error which was saying "Uh oh!
Insufficient scopes were provided. Please contact the integrator.



after gone through few more solutions i tried to remove the transactional-email from my url. At that time i got this error "An error occurred while validating the integration authorization." still am not getting that where i am going wrong new_error need help on this


Hi @LathaVoggu,

Do you need all of those scopes? Which scopes do you have checked off in your app settings?


Actually don't know much about scopes i just want integrate the crm functionalities (like adding contact, deal. contact list, task, activity ...etc)to my app plz suggest me what are the scopes i can use for my app


Hi @LathaVoggu,

The 'Insufficient scopes' error occurs when you have scopes checked off in your app settings that you aren't requesting in your authorization URL. The 'An error occurred while validating the integration authorization' error is a bit tougher to pin down. Can you try unchecking all scopes in your app settings, and only requesting the contacts scope for now? Also, can you make sure you're selecting your test portal during the auth flow, not your dev portal?


Thank you so much for the response